Fortissimo / Electric String Quartet


The Fortisimo, is the first Greek female electric string quartet with participations in big competitions and events in many places around the world, such as Spain, Great Britain, France, Italy and many others. Their most important moment is 2010, when they were selected to support the legendary band The Scorpions, in Athens.

The Fortissimo is an amazing electric string quartet that combines classical music with modern pop sounds, rock and Latin.

The members of the band are four beautiful and talented girls, that after having fulfilled their musical studies at notable schools of Greece, Britain and Germany, they created the first Greek electric string quartet which gained a worldwide acceptance.

Having its headquarters in Thessaloniki, the Fortissimo have conquered the Greek public. Due to their amazing ability to unite classical music with modern electronic sounds and explosive stage presence, has brought to Fortissimo fanatic fans of different ages and nationalities.

Fortissimo’s innovative sound is the reason that helped them to participate in remarkable events, such as performing three times in front of the President of the Greek Republic and have been invited in all major TV shows in Greece and Cyprus, where they make great impression by their dynamic appearance and their high artistic quality. They were also selected, in 2010, in order to support the legendary band, the Scorpions, at the Peace and Friendship stadium, and in 2011, the group of Deep Purple.

Alongside with their live performances, the TV channel C Music TV, based in London and broadcasting around the world, choose Fortissimo’s video clip "Electric Storm" for two of its promo video. The Fortissimo were invited to perform in very large events in many parts of the world, such as, Spain, Britain, France, Belgium, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Fyrom, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil and many more!

The Fortissimo is the best choice for music events that require dynamic electric sound!