Fortissimo / Electric String Quartet

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Fortissimo / Electric String Quartet

Maria Eklektou, violin
Maria Mitrizaki, violin
Kelly Vasileiadou, viola
Sylvia Soupila, cello

1. Adoration
2. Tango d’ amour
3. Bravo
4. Marrakesh
5. Adoration unplugged

All tracks written by Dave McGerty, David S. McGerty and Tony Hiller.
Marrakesh written by Dave McGerty and David S. McGerty

All tracks are original

Rhythm section arranged by Nikos Vargiamidis, Tasos Matzaris and Dimitris Yalamas
Strings arranged by Antonis Sousamoglou

Dimitris Yalamas, electric bass
Tasos Matzaris, piano and keyboards
Makis Stefanidis, electric guitar
Alekos Papoulidis, electric guitar
Anastassia Zachariadou, kanun
Ziad Rajab, oud and vocals
Nikos Vargiamidis, drums, percussion and programming

Recording engineers: Konstantinos Kontos, Kriton Kiourtzis, Yannis Mavridis (Cue Productions)
Mixing: Dimitris Chorianopoulos (Minus 2 Productions)
Mastering: Chris Robbins @soundworks UK
Musical, mixing and recording supervisor: Antonis Sousamoglou

Produced by FORTISSIMO

Recording made at Cue Productions

We would like to express our deepest thanks to all musicians, friends and colleagues for their support and generosity. You helped us turn our musical dream into reality.

Special thanks to
Vargiamidis Nikos for your constant encouragement and your great musical ideas. We appreciate your dedication to this project and the endless hours in and out of the studio.
‌Matzaris Tasos and Yalamas Dimitris for your ideas, your devotion and support for this project.
Antonis Sousamoglou for all the help while recording, your great arrangements and support.
Kostas Kontos for your endless hours of work, your wisdom, your ideas, your experience and most of all your patience.
Dave McGerty and David S.McGerty for trusting us with these beautiful songs.

To our amazing children
Miltos, Danai, Electra, Michail, Simos, Pavlos, Patrisia, Dimitris and Thomas who inspire us everyday.
In memory of Tony Hiller