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Fortissimo / Electric String Quartet

Fortissimo / Electric String Quartet

Together, Maria Eklektou (Violin), Maria Mitrizaki (Violin), Kelly Vasileiadou (Viola) and Sylvia Soupila (cello) complete the line up of FORTISSIMO.

Originating from Thessaloniki, all the band members have graduated from prestigious music universities of Greece, Britain and Germany. The first Ggreek all- female electric string quartet has gained worldwide popularity. They have toured in Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Cyprus, Turkey, Morocco, Malta, Brazil, India and many more countries.

Their amazing ability to fuse classical, pop, rock, dance and Μiddle Eastern music with electric sounds, as well as their charismatic stage presence, has gotten the band a dedicated fan base of individuals from different age groups, music backgrounds and nationalities.

FORTISSIMO supported “Deep Purple” as well as “Scorpions” in one of their epic concert in Athens.

They have also collaborated with famous American songwriter-singer Kip Winger, with Grammy- nominated cellist Tina Guo and many other international artists.

The band has appeared numerous times in prime TV shows and their music has been broadcasted in many radio and TV stations, including ERTWEB TV, C Music TV, BBC Radio, Lake District FM, Cando FM USA etc.

FORTISSIMO‘ s new album ADORE features original songs of award winning songwriters Dave McGerty, David S McGerty and Tony Hiller.