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Fortissimo / Electric String Quartet

Fortissimo / Electric String Quartet

Fortissimo, the first Greek electric string quartet , has participated in important music events in many places of the world , including Spain, Great Britain, France , Italy, Morocco, Malta, Brazil, India and many more. One of the band’s most important moments was their participation as support group of the legendary bands of Deep Purple and Scorpions in their epic concert in Athens.

Fortissimo is a talented Greek all-female electric string band that performs classical tunes along with more popular styles of Pop, Rock, Latin and Greek music.

The four beautiful and talented musicians have been friends for many years and after completing their studies in prestigious music colleges of Britain and Germany, they formed their unique crossover quartet, which have gained worldwide popularity!

Originating from Thessaloniki, Greece, the girls have gained much popularity in Greece and their amazing ability to fuse classical music with electric sounds as well as their charismatic stage presence has gotten Fortissimo a dedicated fan base of individuals from different age groups, music backgrounds and nationalities!

Fortissimo have performed in various prestigious events over the years due to their revolutionary sound such as performing three times in honour of the Greek President, appeared in all the Prime-Time TV shows in Greece and in Cyprus, performed with Vanessa Mae in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2005. They were also specially chosen to collaborate with ‘Scorpions’ in their epic concert in Athens in 2010 and supported the group ‘Deep Purple’ in 2011.

Along with their live performances, C Music TV chose Fortissimo’s video clips from “Electric Storm” for two of its promo videos. Although the members of Fortissimo are extremely popular in their home country, they have been invited to perform in other great events across the globe in places like London, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Rome, Sardinia, Malta, Istanbul, Ibiza, Canary Islands, Marrakech, Sao Paulo, New Delhi and many more!

Fortissimo Electric Quartet is the perfect choice for music events that demand a high-energy electric sound!

Our Team

Maria Eklektou

Member of the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki

Maria Mitrizaki

Teacher of violin on music schools and conservatories

Sylvia Soupila

Member of the Symphony Orchestra of Thessaloniki

Kelly Vasiliadou

Member of the Symphony Orchestra of Thessaloniki