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Kelly Vasiliadou

Kelly Vasiliadou was born in Thessaloniki, taking the first violin lessons at the age of eight, in her hometown. Her love for music, sounds and learning in general, led to a series of studies focused in music.

Her musical studies began at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki in Odysseus Kouzof class. Later, along with the violin she began viola lessons at K.O.TH. in Ougkariano Dan class. She continued her studies at the Municipal Conservatory of Thessaloniki in the class of Peace Ntragkneva, graduated with Diploma in viola, with “Distinction” and Diploma in violin with “Distinction”. She continued her musical studies in music theory and became a master in Harmony, Singing, Orchestration and Counterpoint with an overall grade of “Excellent”.

She is a permanent member of the Symphony Orchestra of Thessaloniki, and was a member of Macedonia Youth Orchestra and the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki.

She worked as professor of violin and viola at the Municipal Conservatory of Thessaloniki.