Maria Eklektou En

Maria Eklektou

Maria Eklektou began at the age of seven her musical studies with violin lessons at the Municipal Conservatory of Kavala. Having a great support from the musical environment in which she grew up was the spark for her future course. Her musical studies were completed successfully and she continued with consecutive appearances at music events and violin competitions.

Her musical studies include a violin diploma with “Honor”, a first Prize in Thessaloniki and music diplomas in Harmony, in counterpoint, and fugue with “Excellent”.

Besides that, she was distinguished with honors and the first prize in the violin competition of S.A.O.TH., and the first place among Greek candidates in the competition for the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra and the European Union Youth Orchestra.

She has participated in international seminars for violin and orchestra with T. Apostolidis C. Demertzi, J. Lewis, N. Laschwilli, T. Gabora, Ch. Polyzoidis, K. Galilee, Av. And S. Cavaco. Kafantari.

Her music experience, as part of her involvement with chamber music room and small instrumentals, has helped her to make significant cooperations and presentations of musical works. She has been a member of the Municipal Orchestra of Thessaloniki and since 2001 she is a permanent member of the Thessaloniki Symphony State Orchestra.