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Fortissimo / Electric String Quartet

Fortissimo / Electric String Quartet

The Sound of Music is in… the fortissimo. With their music and their striking looks they accomplished to conquer the fans of electric string scene worldwide.

The channel C Music TV, which presents classical film videos and chill-out music, based in London and broadcasts around the world, has been declared for the second time in Eutelsat TV Awards 2013 as the winner in the category “Best Music Channel”, and chose parts from the video clip of Fortissimo “Electric Storm” for two of its promo videos.

In March of 2005, the fortissimo’s caused sensation at the opening ceremony of the Volley Champions League Final Four, with viewers across the European Union. With their unique way that combined classical music with modern electric sounds roused a stadium packed with 8,000 people that applauded enthusiastically.

The four girls appeared in major television shows, where they made an impact with their dynamic presence and their high artistic level. They collaborated, for record purposes, with the band “Western Districts”, with the “Troublemakers” in their album «Too Much Ain’t Never Enough», while in October of 2010 they opened the concert of “Scorpions” at the Peace and Friendship stadium, with George Gakis and the Troublemakers. Furthermore, in May of 2011, fortissimo was the support group at the concert of Deep Purple.